We’re different, and that’s good for everyone. From day-one, proving ethical sourcing and social responsibility were our guiding principles, and blockchain was the only viable technological solution. With our direct access to the source mines and our world class experts in design, Blockchain, and integrated systems, we set about creating a patented system that is fundamentally different from every other system offered on the market.

All the systems offered by others who claim blockchain traceability in the gemstone and diamond businesses share a common and fatal flaw. They have no way of knowing whether the data entered on the blockchain is truthful or fraudulent. Their systems all rely on human entry or other vulnerable systems to gather the data that is uploaded to the blockchain, making them very susceptible to storing fraudulent data. It would be possible for a gemstone to be mined under horrific conditions, smuggled illegally to a different country where it is used to launder money earned in drug and human trafficking, and then the gemstone could be entered on any commercially available blockchain without any mention of its dark past.

We took a different approach.

Our Harvard, Oxford, and MIT blockchain technologists designed a ground-up approach to cover every step of the supply chain, eliminating all possibility of false data being entered on the blockchain. The TrustedBlockchain system was designed to track the gemstones all the way from the mine face through to the jewelry counter without relying on any data manually entered by humans or from outside, unsecured computer systems.

Oracle data collection device.The TrustedInc. team of blockchain experts, app developers, and hardware engineers turned the design into a world class reality. With blockchain powered by RTrade Technologies, Temporal, and IPFS, and a human-free data input oracle system patented by Michael Peters and Alexander Stufflebeam of TrustedInc. and TrustedBlockchain, we built a hardware and software solution—designing circuit boards, programming blockchain and D-app interfaces—to ensure that the path to the market is protected and verified by GPS, photographic metadata, RFID, barometric pressure using AI topographical overlay, biometrics, and patented processes with IPFS for humanless, fraudless, consensus-validated oracle data collection. No other blockchain application can prevent fraudulent data from entering the blockchain. We can.

Because of our team’s stellar engineering and patented technology, we can bring Afghanistan’s world-class gemstones to market with the world’s only fully-traceable supply chain.